Trading Customs

At Roche Futures there are no grey areas, we believe in full transparency and have full respect for all religons and their respective customs. That is why we adhere to certain rules and guidlines while maintaining various instruments are not traded and swaps / overnight interest is not charged.

We also take these factors into account when we maintain certain funds under our management.In accordance with religous holidays and other customs , we act on behalf of our clients and manage accounts / funds within the spirit of each and every client beliefs.

The Roche Futures Islamic trading account is offered to traders who cannot receive or pay Overnight Swaps on forex currency pairs for religious reasons.

The trading account is compliant with Sharia law, enabling traders to take advantage of Roche Future's cutting edge trading technology and deep liquidity.

Islamic Account Features

We offer Islamic STP Accounts to traders who require a No Swap setup. Due to the costs of providing the account, please note that spreads may be widened in order to compensate for the risk we take in traders who may hold long-term positions in this account type.

We offer these accounts on a case-by-case basis. Please speak to a customer service representative to arrange for signup.‚Äč