Liquidity And Depth Of Markets

Beginners focus entirely on tight spreads. Professionals understand that quality of execution is the key.
Roche Futures not only offers some of the tightest spreads in the FX and CFD markets, we also partnered with the eFX Cloud technology platform to aggregate liquidity from our interbank institutional partners.

Roche Futures has cultivated relationships with interbank liquidity providers and partner banks including some of the largest and highest rated global financial institutions. These institutions are fully integrated into our platforms via a partnership with eFX Cloud Forex and CFD aggregation technologies, allowing us to provide traders with tight, executable pricing and deep liquidity.

True Fund Protection

While client funds are segregated from internal company operating accounts to provide additional security, we feel that it's important to note that the business model of your brokerage firm is the ultimate criteria in fund protection.

While many forms of fund protection are offered, none of it would make a real difference if your broker operates a traditional dealing desk business model and employs unethical, deceptive methods to manipulate price quotes and intentionally delay executions in order to gain from your losses.

We chose a No Dealing Desk model because we built our business model from the ground up with the intention of aligning our interests with your own.

While extreme market events happen on occasion, the losses from unethical practices happen every day and cannot be effectively addressed by any traditional regulatory scheme.

Our ECN/STP account offerings should be the leading factor in determining the every-day protection of client funds.

Segregated Customer Accounts In accordance with EU financial & Global regulations, client funds are segregated from the company’s operational funds, and are monitored on a daily basis.

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. Without trust there exists no linkage. Therefore, all trades are executed under the guise of the CBI, FSA and CySEC, while our team is licensed and certified by all the relevant regulatory authorities.