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We are admitted as Exchange Trader at Eurex Deutschland, since we are reliable and have the appropriate professional qualification (§19 cl.5 of the German Stock Exchange Act (“Börsengesetz”), § 1 Section 3 of the Admission Regulation for Exchange Traders at Eurex Deutschland and § 50 of the Exchange Rules for Eurex Deutschland and Eurex Zürich).

The collateral clause is based on Section 36 paragraph 1 alternative 2 of the Hessian Administrative Procedures Act (“Hessisches Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetz”) in connection with Section 19 paragraph 1 of the GermanStock Exchange Act ('Börsengesetz') and on § 50 of the Exchange Rules for Eurex Deutschland and Eurex Zürich. Its purpose is to guarantee that the legal requirements for your admission as Exchange Trader are fulfilled.

Louis Roche D.T. STI. ABI. AFBD. AFOF.

I welcome you on behalf of Rochefutures.com and may I congratulate you on becoming a client of our trading firm. I wish you all the success you truly deserve. At rochefutures.com our commitment is to provide outstanding service and ensure that your membership with rochefutures.com is memorable, educational and profitable.

Rochefutures.com was formed as a financial company with the sole intention of hiring the most talented individuals from various fields of expertise across the financial markets. My purpose is to give our members access to highly professional people.

Chief Executive Officer

Pieter Hendrick De Necker

Pieter joined Roche Futures on January 2016. Pieter brings over fiftheen years experience with him to Roche Futures Ltd. Having spent most of his adult life refining his currency / Foreign Exchange trading skills, pieter has become a master of trade set up's and price action analysis.

Pieter has brought a wealth of knowledge to Roche Futures and is highly respected both nationally and Globally within his field of expertise.

Global Head of Currency Trading

Sam Cohen

Sam comes with many years of experience from across the asset classes.Having spent time as a Mutal Fund Manager with over $7 billion under management plus various other instutitions both in the U.S , Europe and the Middle East.

Sam is a licenced Money Manager and brings a wealth of knowledge to our portfolios and is a key driver in our Indices and dollar funds.

Global Analyst & Senior Asset Manager

Iain Mortley

Iain brings a long list of expertise to Roche Futures . Having worked for various high street institutions in most asset classes, Iain is now heading up the Roche Futures Global business Development Team.

Iain is finally home and finally a part of a company that can provide all aspects of an ever evolving financial market. Iain's many years of experience in deliverable foreign exchange and futures / derivative trading can only benefit Roche Futures clients as they seek more alternatives for online trading technologies and financial instruments.

Global Business Development